Thevalakkara is on of the Village in Chavara Taluk , Kollam District , Kerala State . Thevalakkara is 4.866 km far from its Taluk Main Town Chavara . Thevalakkara is located 11.67 km distance from its District Main City Kollam . It is located 69 km distance from its State Main City Thiruvananthapuram .

Other villages in Chavara Taluk are Chavara , Thekkumbhagam , Thevalakkara , Panmana , Neendakara , .

Thevalakkara Pin Code is 690524 and Post office name is . Other villages in ( 690524 , ) are Thevalakkara , .

Near By Villages of this Village with distance are Mundrothuruthu ( 2.126 km ) , Panmana ( 2.739 km ) , West Kallada ( 4.199 km ) , Chavara ( 4.866 km ) , Karunagappally ( 6.715 km ) , Thrikkaruva ( 7.295 km ) ,
Sooranad South ( 7.963 km ) ,
Thevalakkara ia small village situated in kollam district. It is beautiful place you ever saw.The name thevalakkara is coming from devalokakkara. Here you can see the absolute religious peace.Here church, Mosque & Temple are located in same compound you can see these three at a glance. Panmana,Mynagappally Thekkumbhagam(chavara south) are the neighboring villages. Ashtamudi river is divided Thevalakkara form Thekkumbhagam .
History : The natives believe thatword\’thevalakara\’ is derived from \’devalokakara\’,ie,\’the land of gods.the old name is \’thevelikara like mavelikara.books written by foriegners quoted \’tevelikara\’. thevalakkara is very famous in keralahistory connected with portughese attack in thevalakara temples in 1544. this has narrated in ‘the rise of portughese power in india by R.S.WHITEWAY and \’asia portughesa by FARIA Y SOUSA. the renowned historians like prof.A.SREEDHARAMENON,ELAMKULAM KUNJANPILLAI, sardarK.M.PANICKER,K.P.PADMANABHAMENON,P.BHASKARANUNNYetc explainned \’thevalakkara temple attack can say that it was the first revolt against foreign rulers by the,it was in june1544. attingal revolt was in 1721, which hailed as the first revolt agaist foreigners. thevalakara had two old temples for siva and ancient period,siva temple was a buddhaviharam.after brahmin settlement in 9th century, it cinverted as siva temple. then,it destroyed in portughese attack by martim ahonsa desousa(1544). devi temple was an old\’kavu\’ and it reconstructed by aadithya varmaraja under the supervision of keralan kumeran,the native naduvazhi and related to kizhakkekara 1472, keralan kumeran devoted “valiya balikkallu” to the temple as kanikka.the old vattezhuthu inscription shown there,proves this.thevalakara church history is connected to the same porthughese attack and chaliyath maraikkars xavier and alexis menezis visited there manytimes (rf.joseph mundadan,richard.e.leche,gouva).chaliyathu maraikkar came in thevalakkara in 1569 and propogated islam among hindus and christians, then he constructed \’chaliyathu jumamasjid\’.thevalaka church is famous for MAR ABO. he was a holyman and his tomb is consided as sacred .now, it has announced as\’pilgrim centre of malankara diase.

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